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Skinnyscoop social list is dedicated to finding ways to empower women and make their life more interesting, beautiful and manageable in a more social, collaborative, and most importantly, actionable way. We have combined our Social list category to form part of a bigger Skinnyscoop for women.

We cover almost every aspect of women’s lifestyle: from the latest apps, books, parenting products to fashion, wellness, money, tech, beauty, home, entertainment, food, books, travel and family. Most importantly, we do the work for you. You can start by exploring some of these lists including Social Lists

Important Lists and Social Lists For Women

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social ListSkinny Scoop is designed for women “specifically moms” with the aim of combining the whimsicalness of Pinterest with popularity of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Women can access social list, but can also share relevant and reliable information and ideas on useful products and services. We put in hundreds of hours of research and analysis to come up with the most in-depth information on the best products and services specifically for women

SkinnyScoop Social is the place you go to find out what new recipe to try, what new book to read, what awesome dish to serve at your next party, what are the best item organizers to help you declutter your home?.

We’ve redesigned our Social list to help you make the best and most informed decision for your needs, we are dedicated to providing you with contents, information and in-depth editorials and reviews in an easy to understand format to help you make the best decision.

Why Skinny Scoop For Women?

We’ve made it easy and rewarding for women to share and find the information we use to make important decisions in life. Women make more than 80% of all purchase decisions largely based on the reviews and recommendations of friends or female influencers in their network. Also, 78% of women in the US use the Internet for product information before making a purchase. 64% of moms ask other mothers for advice before they purchase a new product and 63% of all mothers surveyed consider other moms the most credible experts when they have questions

55% of active (daily) social media moms said they made their purchase because of a recommendation from a personal review blog

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