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Why Skinnyscoop?

The SkinnyScoop platform taps into the natural inclination of people to make lists and share recommendations with friends, and provide companies with a way to ignite advocacy, generate branded SEOable content, and drive sharing, clicks and purchases.

How it works


Create a Branded Buzz List

SkinnyScoop makes it easy to create beautiful looking lists. You can pull in links and images from sources like Amazon, iTunes, Yelp or Google, or you can upload your own links and images.


You publish and promote your Buzz List across multiple platforms


Individuals create and share their personal lists

The magic kicks in as hundreds or even thousands of people use your Buzz List as a jumping off point to create their personal lists.
SkinnyScoop makes it fun and easy for your customers and advocates to create personal lists and share authentic recommendations with friends via email.

Conversion Stats

The average Buzz List generates 100 personal lists in its first month

The average personal list is visited by 5 to 50 friends, or 20 on average

Of all visitors to SkinnyScoop lists click thru on product links to learn more or buy

Of all traffic from SkinnyScoop to Amazon or other e-commerce stores make a purchase on the spot

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